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Welcome to Propoze

Welcome to Propoze

We are very excited to announce our first product launch:

Propoze - Proposal tool we can't imagine doing business without.

At PROTOTYP, we're convinced that the next step of the sales process is as important as the one before it. Making the very best impression on the client during your initial call should be as important as the follow-up.

Taking care of your client's project needs is what makes a successful business relationship. One such need is to understand the project cost in terms of time and money, as well as the deliverables offered.

Propoze is created to reflect that. We've had great client feedback with this approach and it keeps coming.

Here's what we are set out to achieve with Propoze:

  • Fast and intuitive creation
  • Great-looking proposals
  • Branded to suit your company visual identity
  • Customisable to suit the project and the client

In short, Propoze is for those that believe a convincing proposal is what gives your sale process a competitive edge.

Proposal example made in Propoze.

By design, Propoze makes it easy to write a good-looking and convincing proposal.
Each of the features listed below is there to serve and guide you, making it easy for everyone to write a good proposal:

  • Segment the proposal into sections
  • Break-down cost per service
  • Describe each service
  • Calculate the cost of each service

There are many proposal tools out there, yet we decided to create one that suits our needs. It worked great for us.

Now, we want to see if there are others we can help get better sales and grow their services.

Go ahead, give it a try, and please leave your constructive feedback after you give it a spin.

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